What Entrepreneurs Should Learn From SHARKNADO

SharkNado Chainsaw



What is a SharkNado? When a hurricane for some reason (global warming probably) hits the beaches of Southern California a tornado picks up sharks (all species because why not?) and drops them onto various parts of the city.


From this point on, there will be spoilers. If you have not seen the movie yet:

A. What are you waiting for???

B. Stop reading, see the movie, then come back to read.

So what can Entrepreneurs learn from this film? Plenty!

1. Expect the Unexpected, But Do Not Fear It!

When starting a new venture or business there is a lot of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of making mistakes, fear of something going wrong, fear of fear.

The simple truth is: Something is going to go wrong! But you will deal with it!.

Fin, played by 90210 star Ian Ziering, never expected his beach bar ceremoniously named “FIN’S”, to come under attack by falling sharks. I mean, who would? When he applied for his bank loan to acquire the location to build FIN’S in the first place I can assure you the lender didn’t ask him about a Falling Shark Clause (he obviously got supplemental insurance for this).

Fin SharkNado
Fin SharkNado

When his friends and family asked “What are you doing Fin?! You are an ex-pro surfer, what do you know about running a bar on literally the most expensive piece of property in Southern California? Are you literally insane? And we literally mean that. We are not speaking figuratively.” (My words not theirs)

Never was the reason because of tornados filled with various species of sharks. Not once. Literally not once.

But Fin, being the true entrepreneurial ex pro-surfer that he is just kept on trucking. He didn’t worry about things like property taxes, obviously over-serving his ‘regulars’ in the middle of the day (played by the critically acclaimed actor “Kevin’s Dad” from Home Alone), or falling sharks.

And when the going got tough and sharks fell from the sky destroying his bar, he remembered what matters most:

2. Never Forget About Your Family!

When the going gets tough, your family is there for you. So you must remember to take care of them in good times and in bad. Times don’t get much worse than when sharks are literally jumping out of sewer drains eating people on the streets despite spending 25 minutes in a tornado with no water and not feeling the slightest bit of disorientation or dizziness.

As an entrepreneur, even if your family and friends do not always agree with your projects, they still support you as an individual and it is very important to lean on them every so often. Starting a business or company is a daunting task and the burden takes its toll at times. It is ok to take a breather here and there, just be sure to pay them back when times are good again. Which leads to the next point:

3. Customize Your Solutions to Fit Your Problems.

Sadly, there is no manual for being an entrepreneur. When you go off on your own, you are your own boss which means you only have you to run to when problems arise. While it is important not to worry about the unexpected, it is just as important to treat each problem individually and cater your solutions accordingly. This also means surrounding yourself with a good team. You need a good lawyer for your legal problems. A good accountant for your accounting problems, and in Fin’s case a good helicopter pilot for your Sharks in Tornado problems.

SharkNado Swarm
SharkNado Swarm

Got a SharkNado coming your way? No use sitting around waiting for sharks to fall from the sky when you can get in a helicopter and throw bombs into the tornado (I am paraphrasing actual commentary) Which leads to:

4. Never Give Up. Never Ever Give Up!

You can’t lose unless you stop playing the game. There is no game clock in business and the rules are always changing. All you need to do is keep working, keep educating yourself and keep working (its a lot of working).

You have to be willing to adapt at all times but keep moving forward.

Fin learned this lesson the hard way. After his best bartender was swallowed whole by a Great White Shark after she fell out of a helicopter, the same shark tried to eat Fin.

SharkNado Chainsaw
SharkNado Chainsaw

What was Fin to do other than jump head first into the shark with a chainsaw, find his only surviving employee (obviously survives) and then chainsaws his way out of the shark like a boss (The boss of Fin’s, which he used to own but now will get a fat insurance check unless Sharknados are not covered which of course they are).




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