Siddhartha: A Must-Read Novel for Entrepreneurs

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Siddhartha- A Must Read Novel for EntrepreneursIf you want a book review or synopsis for this book, they are easy to find and I will include some links for it. But I am summing it up for you in a different way.

I read a lot of books but rarely read fiction. There are a few mentors of mine that have really pushed 2 new tactics on me recently that they consider very important.

1- Read more fiction.

2- Meditate.

So I am starting with #1, and will let you know if I ever start  #2. I mean, I will start #2 as well (words are powerful).

For reasons unknown, Siddhartha was a book that kept popping up in my life, but especially recently. I had previously read it in middle school, maybe high school, and I believe possibly in college.

I remember it being about a Buddhist searching for enlightenment, but as I will often explain to people, a lot of what you get out of a book depends on where you currently are in life.

As a 30-year-old entrepreneur and father of 1.95 kids (wife is due with Penelope any minute now) I received much enjoyment re-reading this novel. With the internet today, you can learn whatever you want about anything in only a few minutes, but I do encourage you to read this book for the following reason:

“I want to learn from myself. Want to be my student. Want to get to know myself. The secret of Siddhartha.”

Nice touch using a book quote in my explanation, right?

If it isn’t self explanatory, the main reason is that you can only learn so much from other people. Whether its a religion or new business. If you really want to know how others live, you have to live like them. In the case of Siddhartha, he came from a family and community where everyone knew that he would be successful, but he needed more. He needed to know what that really meant.

For him, it meant trying new things. Experiences.

I read this book in just over one day, and really wanted to do a deep dive into what other people thought about this novel. When I tried to do more online research , most of what I found was crap.

This also included a lot of biased information of how the author is just trying to convert you to Buddhism. Maybe he is and I missed the point. But maybe he isn’t and I got everything out of this book that I needed.

As you know, there is a section on the website titled Recommended Reading. For years there have been only 10 books. These were the 10 books that most changed my life from my early 20’s. They helped me get out of debt, start my first company and invest in my first property. I still highly recommend these books and there will always be a spot for them on this website.

However, since then, I have read countless books. Maybe a few hundred? Maybe a thousand. There are some books I keep coming back to and there are many books I take notes on and write myself book reports.

I do this because it helps me get more out of the book. And I also do this because when I re-read the book a few years later I enjoy also reading what I thought about the book when I was younger.

To take a page out of another mentor of mine’s book (pun intended), I am going to start to publish these notes, reports, summaries on this website with links including more information and/or video conversations and discussions.

This will include both fiction novels and also business books. If you have a recommendation, please tell me. But don’t just tell me the book, tell me what it means to you, or what it meant to you when you read it.

The reason most book clubs don’t work out long term is because they are too structured. One book a month? What if the book sucks? What if I read 2 books a week?

At the very least, this is an experiment to see if anyone else out there is interested in this concept. Think of it as access to an infinite book club with no boundaries to time.

In combination with YouTube, Facebook, and this website, I will provide as much value as I can regarding the books I find most valuable.

If you are looking for good books to read, you will find them HERE.

If you are looking to ask a question about a book, you can ask it HERE (Facebook Page)HERE (YouTube Channel), or HERE (Twitter).

I love to read. I have an intense focus on self improvement and when it comes to reading good books I simply cannot read enough.

The fact that someone has dedicated so much time to one topic, lesson, idea or whatever, and then decides to share it with me so that I can learn in a few hours what it took this person month or years to learn is just incredible.

In conclusion to this post, I am going to present a very powerful quote from Siddhartha without comment:

“When you throw a rock into the water it will speed down on to the fastest course to the bottom. This is how it is when Siddhartha has a goal.”

“He is drawn. He lets himself fall. His goal attracts him because he doesn’t let anything enter his soul which might oppose the goal…

This is what fools call magic…

Everyone can perform magic. Everyone can achieve his goals.”

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