Love him or hate him, he’s right:America is on sale.

This morning I came across Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki giving an interview about where he is investing his money today. Here is the link.
So where is he investing his money in today’s market? The same place he invested in yesterday’s market as well as where he will invest in tomorrow’s market. Why does he do this? Because it works. Cash flow works. Cash flow works in any market.
Oil, natural gas, real estate… does this sound familiar?
Now he has an advantage over you, don’t get me wrong. It is much more difficult for you to invest in private oil drilling projects and apartment buildings. His only advantage over you is that he started a long time ago. If you start now, eventually you can do these deals as well. Can’t afford an apartment complex? Buy a REIT today so tomorrow you can.
It is not how much you make that matters, but rather how much you keep. Find something you are good it to make your money, but then put that money to work. Buy assets that produce income. Yes, it is really that simple.
Robert Kiyosaki preaches only two things, and he has been preaching them for a long time. Get financially educated, and invest in assets that produce income. Whether you love him, or hate him he is right: America is on sale right now.

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