Forget your what, you need a WHY

Want to get things done? You need to find your why.



Lets say you you want to make one million dollars over the next 5 years. This is your what.

What = Make One Million Dollars over 5 years.

Normally you would then decide your how, as in how am I going to do this.

Work overtime. Invest well. Start a company. Learn a new skill. Write an e-book. Win Survivor. Find oil in my backyard.

These are all hows to help you achieve your what. Simple enough. The problem? You are lacking your why, and every successful achiever knows that the why is the most important part. Here’s why:

I want to make a million dollars in 5 years. A month goes by and I am not much closer to my goal. I realize that working over time sucks, investing takes a lot of education, I don’t have time to start a new company because I am working over time, let alone the time to learn a new skill. Writing an e-book sounds hard, I can never go on Survivor because I got hungry while writing this sentence and I don’t have a back yard to find oil in because I rent an apartment.

The common result? I either say I want to make a million in 10 years because 5 is just unrealistic, or I convince myself that I don’t really need/want/deserve a million dollars anyway and I was just being silly.

I do this because my brain doesn’t like conflict. It has to believe in something because that is what feeds brains, but when there is a conflict like I want to make a million dollars, but making a million dollars is hard then one of two things happens.

1. I convince my brain to believe something else. Conflict solved.
2. I overcome the hard part and do what my brain wants. Conflict solved and desires achieved.

I recommend #2.

This is where your why  comes in.

What do you want? $1,000,000 in the next 5 years.

Why do you want it?

-To retire early
-To start a new life
-To pay for a life saving surgery
-So my spouse can quit their job
-To pay for my kids colleges
-To travel the world
-To buy the car I always wanted.
-To build a time machine!

The why is up to you. But it must be POWERFUL. It must be something you really want to achieve. Something you truly desire.

The why is what gets you out of bed early in the morning or keeps you up late working longer. Your brain will constantly play games with you when times get tough and you will have a choice to make. This is when you remember your why.

Forget about what you are trying to accomplish and focus on why you are doing it.

You have probably already come across this when people talk about vision boards. They work because they remind you why.

Want to lose weight? Why? To look good? Fit in your favorite pants? Live longer? Every time you look at a menu or decide to skip a workout remember your why. Picture it in your mind. It is powerful.

Over time you will only make choices that get you closer to your goals because the desire will be too strong not too.

Your brain will stop playing tricks on your and you will be so determined you will not be able to understand why others don’t focus on their why.

So what are you going to do about it? Or better yet, why are you going to do it?

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