Do Your Worst, First!


Do More = Be More

Eat That Frog.

Eat The Brussel Sprouts.

Simply put, just do your worst, first. Trust me.

Stop putting off your least favorite tasks towards the end of the day, week, month, or forever. Instead, do those items first thing in the morning.

Usually those items include working out, making that phone call to that client that hates you, or worst of all having to tell your spouse you are sorry. (Just kidding honey. I love you. Sorry I said that)

Brian Tracy calls it “Eat That Frog” in his book titled, yes Eat That Frog. The premise: What if every morning you had to start the day by eating a frog. Wouldn’t the rest of your day look pretty nice knowing that was behind you?

Yes Brian Tracy, it would!

I have heard others use the phrase: Eat the Brussel Sprouts first, then your pork chop will taste much better.

True again!

But in addition to doing the worst first, you are also doing what is most likely the MOST IMPORTANT first.

Paraphrasing Tim Ferriss: Your success is determined by the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have.

Often, this involves stepping outside our comfort zones. Most people hate leaving their comfort zones. Unfortunately, real life begins outside of your comfort zone.

Action Item:

At the start of your day, write down your three most important tasks that need to be finished. Then, do them first!

Sounds too easy? It is, and it isn’t. You will have so many excuses NOT TO.

And as the day goes on you will find even more. There is a reason those items have been on your list all this time. So from now on, do your worst first.

Take the three most important items, or the three items you LEAST want to do (they are usually the same thing), and just do them first.

The rest of the day is yours. You will have more clarity throughout the day and your sense of accomplishment will remain with you even if you end up leaving the office early. Focus on completing tasks.

Busy is not the goal. Busy means you have no clarity.

Productivity is the goal. Production leads to success.

And if that doesn’t work, I can have Brian Tracy mail you a couple frogs.


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