The 7 Best Books For Real Estate Agents at Any Experience Level

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The 7 Best Books For Real Estate Agents

What books should every real estate agent read? Whether you are a brand new real estate agent. or an experienced veteran, these are the best books available for anyone in the real estate sales business!

Know someone thinking about entering the business? Send them this list! If you can commit to the strategies outlined in these books, you will have not only a successful career but a very enjoyable work-life balance!

Not every book on this list is ‘real estate agent specific’, but each one will help you improve and increase your business and personal happiness.

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The 7 Best Books For Real Estate Agents:


1. Seven Levels of Communication– Michael Maher
One Sentence Summary: Grow your business the right way, and that is through referrals and deep relationships.

2. Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents– Michael Maher and Hal Elrod
One Sentence Summary: Win the morning, win the day, win the year.

3. Mastermind Dinners– Jayson Gaignard
One Sentence Summary: Become a connector of people and you can succeed at anything.

4. The Art of Selling Real Estate: Patrica Cliff
One Sentence Summary: The Real Estate business is hard work and takes a lot of time, and is the best business there is.

5. The Compound Effect– Darren Hardy
One Sentence Summary: Small changes, every day, over time, yield immense results.

6. Millionaire Real Estate Agent: Gary Keller
One Sentence Summary: Tried and tested strategies to build a referral based real estate business.

7.  How To Leverage Your Real Estate Business With Facebook 
– Skyler Irvine
One Sentence Summary: Proven sales strategies to increase your sales and how to use Facebook to leverage your impact with your sphere, without spending a dime on ads.

How many have you read?

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