10 Business Ideas Where You Can Make Your Own Hours

Fear stops more people than failure

10 Business Ideas Where You Can Make Your Own Hours

As many of you know, I am a big fan of James Altucher and his “Become an Idea Machine” concept. Its fantastic. If you don’t know what it is, here is a quick break down:

Write down 10 ideas every day.

Pretty easy right? Wrong. Can you come up with 10 ideas a day? 3 or 4 maybe, yes. But 10! 10 is hard. By the time you get to 7 you are really sweating, working that brain muscle of yours! Then 8, 9 and FINALLY 10. Wow, time for a nap.

Only you won’t want a nap. You will be energized! That’s why I encourage this for the first thing in the morning. It’s better than a cup of coffee!

I will expand more on the concept of 10 ideas a day later on, but I wanted to address a question that I am often asked, especially recently.

“If I want Passive Income, what’s the best way to start?”
The thing about passive income is that it’s not easy. It’s actually the hardest type of income to get. It takes the most work, and the most brain power. But once it’s generated, its forever. That is why it’s so important to focus on passive income early on.

Earned income, or the income you get from your job by selling your time, is the easiest income to get. Its why the most people have it and why it’s taxed the most.

To generate passive income, you either need capital to purchase income streams with like rental properties or dividend stocks, or you need to create and sell your ideas. Never in the history of the world has it been easier to reach more people. If you can create content, you can reach people with it.

If your idea of living the Cash Flow Lifestyle means choosing your own work hours, then here are 10 ideas for you that I came up with a few weeks ago. Maybe some of them exist, maybe they don’t? Who knows? Can you come up with 10?

10 Business Ideas to make your own hours

– Handyman service, always in demand, no organization
– E-book author
– Realtor
– Organize high end golf trips, test our courses, blog reviews, write off trips
– Travel blogger: how to do X with only Y dollars
– YouTube content creator, target new parents, we buy anything
– House manager in high end neighborhoods: manage supplies and schedule service appointments and let people in or out of house for working families
– If you live in city, have people deliver packages to your apartment for them to pick up after hours. Work from home and charge small fee based on size.
– Distribute a monthly e-newsletter for a very specific high demand topic: brainstorm ten topics. People sign up $4.99 for the year? Month?
– Create Amazon affiliates account and blog product reviews, sell products on site.

1. Handyman Service:
Good Handymen are very hard to come by and are ALWAYS in need. If you have handy abilities, and basic organization, congratulations, you are a rare commodity! Very easy to promote, and very important to take care of your clientele, but before you know it you will be turning down business. You don’t need a website, just start a Facebook and Google Plus Page, make it searchable. Print out 250 business cards from vistaprint and start networking. Extremely low cost to start up.

2. e-Book Author
“The definition of an expert is someone that knows more about a specific topic than you.” What do you know more about than anyone else? What are you more interested about than anyone else? What two topics do you really enjoy that you could combine into a new category? Congratulations, you are halfway to being an e-book author! There are plenty of books on the subject of self-publishing e-books and I can even recommend a few. Write when you want, publish on Amazon, and then write the next one. Learn as you go and improve. Best advice is to also start a blog to develop those writing skills and habits.

3. Realtor
Becoming a Realtor in most states has a very low barrier of entry. That is why there are so many Realtors. But there are not many GREAT Realtors. This is why the top 1% in every state make more than the other 99%. If you want to turn it into a business, you have to work your ass off. There are plenty of great Real Estate and Sales books I can recommend, but just because you can make your own hours doesn’t mean you can live the high life working 4 hours a week.

4. Golf Blogger/Consultant
I don’t know if this even exists, and if it does thats awesome and if it doesn’t even better! Do you like golf? Then turn it into income! Become a golf blogger, travel the country or even the world playing all the best places. Take photos, start an instagram account and blog about everything you see. The courses, the culture. Hell, this is starting to sound pretty good to me.
There are people that organize all sorts of travel trips, so start organizing all inclusive golf trips. Negotiate with the best courses and nearby hotels and restaurants, get discounts and charge for your service. Test out products and blog about that too. There are no limits here.

5. Travel Blogger
Don’t like golf? Then become a travel blogger. Do all of the same things but with no limits to just golf. Teach people how to travel to Bali on $30 a day or you tell me how much it costs since you are the travel blogger. If you don’t have a house or apartment, and you sell all of your stuff, how much money do you really need to travel? Read Vagabonding or 4-Hour Work Week and find out that the answer is not that much!. What is stopping you?

6. Youtube Content Creator
Like I said, there are so many ways to reach people all you have to do is come up with the content. Start a youtube channel, for free! Add content. Target new parents like me, my wife and I will buy anything for our kids. Hell of a market there.

7. House Manager in Upscale Neighborhoods
My wife and I are both working professionals. We don’t have a lot of free time, and the free time we do have we don’t want to waste it on house management. I always thought I would pay for a service that would handle these tasks for me and bill me at the end of the month.

I can order most of my supplies on Amazon so I can avoid going to the store ever, but sometimes I need more. If there was a service that could manage all my household bills, or dry cleaning 2 times a month, making sure landscaper is paid etc. There is an opportunity here.

How much could you charge? Several hundred dollars a month? More? How many homes would you need to sign up before you are making a few thousand dollars a week?

8. Package Receiver
I don’t live in the city, I have a house. When I order something on Amazon it’s delivered to my house, and if no one home it sits in the courtyard. If I lived in an apartment I wouldn’t want it sitting in the hallway.

If people work during the day, have them deliver packages to your place, and hold them for a fee until the person picks it up. Maybe you work from home during the day, or have a roommate that stays up all night, it could work, maybe?

9. Create a Monthly Newsletter
Find a very specific topic that people are interested in. Maybe something new like Tesla’s new home battery. You would be the first to have a newsletter about it. People that are interested in that batter would be interested in your newsletter. Charge a dollar a month, or $30 per month if it’s good. You don’t need to be an expert yet, start it and become the expert.

10. Create Amazon Affiliates Website
Start writing about products you love, or hate, and have links to purchase them on amazon so you get a cut. Create an amazon affiliates account today. It’s easy. I have one because I read and recommend a lot of books. If you can get a big enough and loyal audience, you have a business.


Here are 10 ideas. They are just ideas. They can become businesses, but they obviously will take a lot of work. All good things take work. The Cash Flow Lifestyle isn’t free, it takes a lot of work. But the work doesn’t have to FEEL like work. It can be fun, it can be adventurous, it can be scary.

Would a professional golf blogger/consultant feel like work? Sometimes I imagine yes that it would. But what a cool title on your business card!

And whatever path you choose, just remember to take some of all the income you make and invest it into your self first. Start that passive income stream and keep investing in it, every month, forever. Whether you acquire rental properties, dividend paying stocks, or new businesses, just keep adding to it.

Can you come up with 10 ideas? Feel free to steal any of these, or combine any 2 or 3 to make a better idea, just let me know about it!

What did you think? Like this? Hate this? Let me know!