The 10 Money Books That Should be Taught in School

The Money Game

The 10 Books Everyone Should Read Before College:

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.

1. Richest Man In Babylon: George Clason
One Sentence Summary: 10% of everything you earn should be invested for your future.

2. Compound Effect– Daren Hardy
One Sentence Summary: Making the right decisions, no matter how small, over time and consistently will yield amazing results.

3. The Four-Hour Work Week- Tim Ferriss
One Sentence Summary: Don’t be busy, be productive.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad– Robert Kiyosaki
One Sentence Summary: If it doesn’t put money into your pocket every month than it is not an asset, its a liability.

5. The Automatic Millionaire- David Bach
One Sentence Summary: If you automate your saving and investing you will succeed in saving and investing.

6. Multiple Streams of Income– Robert Allen
One Sentence Summary: There is much more to life than earned income, and you should master them all.

7. Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
One Sentence Summary: Your thoughts about money are just as important as anything else when it comes to getting rich.

8. The Millionaire Next Door– Thomas Stanley
One Sentence Summary: Most of the millionaires in the United Stats are self made, and don’t spend money like you see on TV.

9. Real Estate Advantages– Sharon Lechter
One Sentence Summary: Nothing in the world provides the potential to build wealth as real estate in America.

10. Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham
One Sentence Summary: Value investing over time in the stock market is how Warren Buffett got rich.

11. The Millionaire Fastlane: MJ Demarco
One Sentence Summary: MJ Will punch you in the face, with reality and motivation, to get off the sidewalk and into the fastlane of creating wealth. (No this is not a get rich quick scheme)

The Money Game